At long last, a definitive edition providing an authentic and fresh perspectiv e on this time-honored oratorio. Since the page layout remains identical to th e old Schirmer/Spicker edition, you can now replace worn copies with this new publication that has been entirely reedited. Based on Handel's autograph and c onducting scores, Van Camp corrected over 100 notational and textual errors wh ich appeared in the Spicker edition and also provided a fine keyboard accompan iment that lies comfortably under the fingers--with the original bass line ful ly restored. Singers will rejoice now that the music pages are no longer clutt ered with editorial footnotes and annotations. Instead, endnotes are used to p rovide comprehensive and practical information. Other features included the ad dition of text sources, breath marks, measure numbers, timings, rehearsal and performance suggestions, and much more.

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