This School of Organ Playing presupposes a certain technical facility on the p iano. The pedal exercises at the beginning are rudimentary and should be pract iced in all keys, gradually accelerating the tempo. The studies are graded acc ording to their polyphony, beginning with simple two part exercises, followed by those in three and more parts. This acquaintance with the strict principles of polyphonic music, and the introduction to effective part writing, with a kn owledge of harmonic form and architectonic values, provide the essential backg round for the correct performance of polyphonic music, especially the fugue. T he most important musical forms have been used to illustrate the various possi bilites of registration and its relationship to style (colourful, individualis tic and smooth playing). The studies are so arranged that earlier technical po ints, etc. are constantly reviewed, through comparison of style and form, in o rder to fix, or refreshen, the ideas in the student's mind. It is very importa nt that the evolution of organ music from vocal music should be made clear to the student the very beginning, both musically and intellectually. He will be shown the technical evolution of organ music during the centuries and thus pre pared for an artistic execution and interpretation of old and new words, espec ially for the incomparable art of our great Johann Sebastian Bach.

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